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Frescobol (Brazilian paddle ball) can be played anywhere, builds physical strength, quicker reflex, better concentration, coordination, friendships and more.


The game of Frescobol is an intense paddle ball game originated in Brazil in 1945 on the beaches of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, between 2 partners who work together to keep the ball in motion with controlled, precise movements that build core strength.  It was inspired by tennis players wanting to bring the game to the beach.  Wooden rackets and tennis balls were used until the mid 1970’s, when modern racket balls were introduced; this improved speed and added intensity to the game.

Frescobol has since become the most popular beach sport across South America, Australia, parts of Europe and now expanding to the beaches of the United States.  

It can be enjoyed by every age group, requires very little equipment, provides great exercise and sharpens agility and encourages playful cooperation and fun among players.  

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Frescobol is not only a power game, it is the ability of controlling the balance of attacking and defending between one another without dropping the ball.
— Diogo Cypriano
Frescobol is a healthy lifestyle that is friendly, inviting and brings play back into our lives!
— Sarah Martin
Frescobol to me is a mental and physical exercise, plus a way to destress, I only think of the ball.
— Romildo Indio

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