Beach Paddle Games Around the World

Beach racket spots are played around the world!

Don't forget to bring your paddles when you travel! Each country plays a slight different version the a beach paddle game, with variations in the technology of the paddle and ball style. Below are a few links for you to enjoy and connect to if traveling to these countries! 

A few different beach paddle game names are:  Paleta playa🇵🇷  , Paleta 🇦🇷 , Raccettone🇮🇹 , Poktapok🇲🇽 , Racketa🇬🇷 , Matkot🇮🇱 , Smashball or paddleball 🇺🇸  and Frescobol 🇧🇷 

Frescobol is loved outside Brazil and the USA... you'll find it in places such as in Japan, Spain, London, Peru, Germany, Egypt and more