Learn from our frescobol instructors

We have 3 frescobol pros in San Diego who grew up playing frescobol on the beaches of Brazil. Their patient teaching style and passion for the game makes them ideal to learn an intense game like frescobol. Contact them directly to set up a lesson.

Adriana Tomazelli

Brazilian native, retired professional athlete, personal stylist, model, mother, Adriana Tomazelli is one of our frescobol pro's. 

Phone: 858.395.1573 

Email: adriana@adrianatomazelli.com

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Fernanda Brandalise

A Frescobol fanatic since 12 years old, worked and studied tourism in Brazil.  Came to San Diego to learn English and pursue her Frescobol, fitness and healthy lifestyle. 

Phone: (858) 230-2193

Email: fbrandalise1@gmail.com

Ricardo Sampaio

Another Brazilian native and longtime Frescobol enthusiast, Ricardo Sampaio is a triathlete, tennis player, baker and yoga instructor who shares his  passions with his Frescobol students. 

Phone: 619.723.0707

Email: ricardos@lechef.net